Feb. 16th, 2001

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OKay...finally back at school from a pretty boring zoo trip...I sat sitting alone eating lunch and then a girl i know comes and sits down and starts talking...and wouldn't leave...so that was annoying...but I got some nifty little beaded bracelets and necklaces that 5 year olds wear to look cool...you know the kind...those brightly colored ones with little plastic animals or something on them...so now i look like a 5 year old stuck in some teenage body...but it's cool none-the-less...hopefully I'll get home around 5...hurray...get on ICQ as soon as I come home and hope that a certain someone is still on so I can chat...and if they're not, it's ok...i'll talk to them tomorrow or sometime this weekend...i think I'll sleep in Theatre next period... I don't want to do anything else...no monologue practice...just sleep....
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ok...here's links instead of pics because I couldn't get photopoint to work, and last time I used Angelfire, it didn't show the pics, it showed an angelfire logo, so here's actual links instead! hurray!
Goth Goddess I created

here's a cute guy I created...even though I'm a lesbian...so there! Cute guy

essentially real me, but I've got shorter hair. real me
and last but not least...gothic style me

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