Feb. 13th, 2001

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OKay...nothing really interesting went on today... I've got a free period right now because people in my history class are taking a AP placement test to get into AP History for next year and so I've got the end of the school day to sit in the library and typ ein my livelournal because I neglected it yesterday...I watched The Art of Waar last night and pondered a few things while trying to fall asleep...it was too cloudy to gaze at the stars...oh well...
I think I've finally stopped being distant with a certain someone...at least i hope so...I talked to them yesterday for a bit and they didn't ask what was wrong, so i talk that as a good thing...
I don't think I'll get home in time to get on ICQ and talk to them though...so if they are reading this... I'm really sorry, but I've got Variety Show practice and I"m actually in the variety show this year, singing a song from Rent (Over the moon) so i'll email you later...
I still have a wondrous 20 minutes of peaceful computer time, and then I've got to wait until tomorrow... but tomorrow is indeed Valentine's Day, so that will definitely be a good day i hope...*crosses her fingers*...I can only hope...

OK...enough for now...more later...

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