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Alright, boring tuesday... nothing much happen... went to Variety Show practice and worked on my song/skit thing Im doing... going to go home soon and get online and do homework at the same time because the rents are going to some school dinner thing...
talked to Kacie...i feel bad, cause she got dumped, because her gf lied to her about everything for about a year and a half, and said they needed a break... and so then we go out to the movies on Sunday, to try to get her mind off all that crap, and it ended up a "hit on lucy" night almost...err...yeah...at least thats what i'm getting out of it...i don't mind i guess, she's a cool girl, but doesn't want anything serious right now because she still really likes her gf...but really likes me as well, or so she says...and i believe her... i don't know...its confusing me at the moment... everything does though... i think it's cause she's being all cute and flirty which i guess i don't mind...its just... argh...i don't know what it is... oh well... i'll die a single old ugly lesbian who never kissed anyone and died a virgin... which reminds me of Quills... poor Madeliene died a virgin...so sad...damn Doctor, all his fault... didn't go into the room and save her from death...oh well... good movie... i go now... sad, and bored at the same time... not a good combination...
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