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ok...today has been surprisingly ok... haven't done anything exciting...increased how much ADD meds I have to take, and so that has been playing with my brain for a bit...it's interesting, because on the way to school I was thinking to myself, 'why don't i go see my french teacher?' i strongly dislike my french teacher...and so, I was severely worried about that thought bubble...and then i told myself i needed to type up my history essay rather than turn it in late...so I did that and actually had to finish the rest of the essay all in about 30 minutes...i was pleased... went to homeroom, had a donut because someone actually remembered this time, and went to class...it was fun...i've been tense all day though...nervous almost, but it's a side-affect of the meds, so i'm not worried...no school tomorrow, and I'm going to see Quills tomorrow afternoon...which will be more than fun...
rest of weekend doesn't have any plans yet...maybe sleep in and watch some movies or get online for a bit...who knows...but i'm going to go to my last 3 classes for the week now...geometry, biology and theatre....what fun...somewhat tired...oh well...

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