Feb. 22nd, 2001

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not bad day today... started out good, thinking about some stuff that happened last night...(i was called incredible...:-P and was told i make someone insanely happy...hurray for that)
And then i get an evil pink slip that says i have to call my mom sometime before school is over, so i do and she said my biology teacher called and said that I've got a D in the class and didn't turn in my current events article...which i did...so i showed it to her and now have a C- in the class, excluding a grade i'll get tomorrow on a test i've got tomorrow in the class, which means i've got to do really well on it, like a B or possibly A...meaning study REALLY hard...

going to movies again this weekend on saturday...hurray for that...not sure what to see though, so any suggestions would be cool... we saw sweet november last weekend...
well...thats about all for todays little update on my life...i'm at my parental unit's office and i hate macs...but its all they've got so i'll take it...its a computer right??:-)

later all ye who actually read this mindless crap~

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