Jan. 20th, 2001

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i watched coyote ugly just now...great movie...some cute girls too..otherwise i didn't do anything interesting...i went to the district thespians thing for a bit this morning...it was ok...nothing interesting...a friend of mine got a girl's phone number...he was so happy...i just laughed...pretty boring saturday night tonight...rents went out to movie and dinner...i have no clue what i feel like having for dinner either...maybe a feta and spinach thing i got at the store the other day...my grocery store has some really yummy organic stuff...anyways...
i'm going to post a pic monday hopefully, and if not monday then tuesday...i've got the pic..not a bad one...not the greatest either, but it'll do for now...i ran out of polaroid film, so i can't redo it...but it's not too bad...i think i look younger in it though...i hate that...and i hate my eyebrows...argh...i may not use this pic...but i'll get the other one i took from my friend and use that one...but i don't like that one much either....argh...i'm not photogenic at all...i look younger than i am...i hate that...oh well...i need to go think for a bit...a lot of my mind that's paining me a lot...
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Glaring out into the deep blue ocean,
like a madman trying to find his way.
Trying to find that lost love....left behind.
Wispering words that should have been said...
That now float off the lover's lips,
Into the dark night.

With naked eyes gazing at the star filled sky...
Looking for some sense in this otherwise chaotic world...
Searching for something that was lost long ago...
Searching for love...that old friend and foe.
But the soul questions love like it questions life...
A never ending battle between life and death.
Light and darkness....a constant yet uncanny equality beween the two...
But when the day is done...
Where do you find yourself?
In the light...or in the dark?

ok...i know that sucked...but i had it in my head...it sucks...yup...really sucks...ok...i'm done bitching.
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~this is my favorite song right now...the ending is odd...cause i love the beginning's lyrics and stuff...but anyways..it's a great song~

I like to watch you sleep at night
To hear you breath by my side
And although sleep leaves my behind
there's nowhere i'd rather be

But now our bed is oh so cold
My hands feel empty...no one to hold
And I can sleep what side I want
It's not the same with you gone

Oh, if you'd come home,
I'll let you know that
All you want
is right here in this room
All you want
And all you need
Is sitting here with you
All you want

It's been 3 years one night apart
But in that night
You tore my heart
If only you had slept alone
If those seeds had not been sewn
Oh you could come home and you would know that

All you want
Is right here in this room
All you want
And all you need
Is sitting here with you
All you want

I hear your key turning in the door
I won't be hearing that sound anymore
And you and your sin
can leave the way you just came in
send my regards to her
I hope you've found that

All you want
Is right there in that room
All you need
Is sitting there with you
All you want
I'd like to watch you sleep at night
to hear you breathe by my side


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