Jan. 11th, 2001

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i've been in this mood, where all i want to do is either sit in front of my computer to pass the time, or sit and read to pass the time...i don't want to study for exams that i've got next week, nor do i want to have them next week...who does? i don't think there is one person in my schoool that actually wants to take an exam...and why do we have them? "to prove to the teachers that we've actually learned something" rather than admit that no, we don't pay attention...instead, i read or draw, or sleep...those are the 3 most popular things a student does in class besides actually paying attention...

enough of that crap...i'm frustrated...someone didn't email me back which worries me...i haven't talked to her since she got back from new york...i don't know whether it's something i did or what not...but i need to tell her some things and can't just say them in an email...i want to ask what am i now that things have happened...i want to get on the phone and call her not knowing what to say...just to hear her speak, yet i can't and it kills me that i can't do certain things...i wan tto go to london for spring break, but i want to have my own time to walk around and see her and my parents probably won't let me...i want to be treated like the age that i am by my parents as well as tell my sister angie and my brother ian about me...cause i hate them not knowing and ask stupid questions like "have a boyfriend yet?" or "played any tonsel hockey lately?" it's driving me crazy...oh well...i'll deal with it later....


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