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okay...I've got another free period due to Honors classes testing but this time in my Biology class... so i'm quite content for the moment...the only thing that remotely bothers me is that I feel like i'm floating, yet i'm sitting in a chair, and i feel light-headed a bit...so that isn't very good....but it's medicine i'm taking and i guess the pain killers i took this morning made the effects of my ADD meds worse or something along that line... I drew on arm again this morning...my excuse is that I'm saving a few trees... it's fun though...keeps me un-bored... same lyrics as yesterday though...due to the whole being backstabbed and all...(My way by Limp Bizkit, and Voodoo by Godsmack...both very good songs)...
It's one of those days where all I want to do is sit somewhere peaceful and play my guitar for hours...possibly talking to someone in specific as well...but i've got a long day today...variety show practice til around 5, and babysitting tomorrow for a few hours starting around 6pm...i really want to talk to someone though...so i'll email them or something and talk that way today... i still feel 'high'...not a good sign...maybe it's starring at the computer screen as well that isn't making it better...hmm...who knows...anyways...I'm going to draw on my arm some more and then wander to english, where my teacher has mood swings like nobodies business...talk to you lovely people who read this later~

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